Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Senate Candidate #5

Chicago politics have quickly seeped into Washington politics. The prize of Obama's senate seat (one of the most underutilized offices in history), is up for grabs and the inner city mob bosses and politicians are jockeying to see which one of their favorite insider will get the reward. How much is the seat worth? $500K, $1M !! Is this the representative government that the colonists were hoping for when they sacrificed life and wealth for independence. They never envisioned THIS democratic party - trust me on this.

At the center of the controversy is IL governor - democrat - Rod 'the Rod' Blagojevich. Very close to the center, we have the candidate (#5) that was not willing to pay more than $500K for the position - Jesse Jackson Jr. - son of thug race merchant Jesse Jackson. And slightly out of the center, but working the action through his inside guys, the greatest president elect in history - Barack Obama.

It is hard to know precisely what went down, the democrats in congress and their allies in the media are making sure this becomes a one perp story....The Rod. But it takes two to tango. Barack wanted his guy in and so did Jesse Sr. The Rod's biggest offense, by Chicago ethics, was getting too greedy.

I wish I knew more. Will we ever know more? Probably not, but if we do, it will be after eight years of democratic presidential and congressional maneuvering and media silence to hide the truth.

Here is my suggestion. A Presidential pardon for The Rod by ...George W. Bush - in exchange for a beautiful song.

What does this all mean?? Here we go again !!!!!! Maybe the Clinton's are no more depraved the the party they belong to.

Submitted by D. B. Jackson