Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Surrender Now!

A quick review of the proposed Iraq policies of the two leading Democrats:

Obama: Immediately start decreasing our field force by "1 or 2 brigades" a month, with total surrender by the end of 2008. No mention about securing peace in Iraq or the Middle East, containment of Al Qaeda and/or the terrorist movements in Iraq... I guess the Iraqis will stop fighting themselves as soon as the USA leaves, right?

The Other Clinton: Immediately withdraw troops, secure stability in Iraq, and initiate a "new intensive diplomatic initiative in the region" - which would include Iraq's helpful neighbors Iran and Syria. There's a winning proposal... we'll take out our armed forces, invite Syria and Iran to the "Peace Party" meetings, and stability will break out in Iraq. While we're at it, why don't we offer to pay for Universal Health Care for the Middle East too? I'm wondering if Hillary inhaled what Bill didn't.

-- Submitted by R. Wellesley

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