Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doomed to Repeat It (LINK)

How quickly will the press get this one buried? Obama managed to tell a lie like Bill Clinton and show knowledge of world history like....well 'pick your favorite democrat'. All in one statement.

By claiming that his uncle (I am assuming the white side of his family - who he has disowned for all practical purposes) helped to liberate Auschwitz, which was liberated by the Red Army, he proved he can match Hillary lie for lie. His weakness in foreign policy just got more obvious. While most of us were studying history, Obama and the current flock of democrats were ignoring it.

He later said he 'mis-spoke.' Count me out. First, he wants to sit down with the worlds most dangerous leaders, giving them a badly needed stage and some attention - and now he shows a lack of knowledge of the best example in history of the failure of appeasement. And he wants to run my country? I don't think so.

I don't expect that many people know the subtleties of WWII and when and where what was liberated, I am not naive. The government schools have their own agenda and it is not history. But I'll say what many have said to this point...Is this guy the best we can do?? A country of 200 million eligible candidates and we have a schmuck who won't wear a flag pin, attended anti-American churches for twenty years, has two years of national experience and has a wife who hit middle age before she could find something about her country to be proud of? This is the best?

Let's hope Johnny Mack turns up the heat and buries this guy in a McGovern-like landslide.

Submitted by D. B. Jackson

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