Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three Piercing Words

Every time I hear the words "President Elect Obama," my brain inpulses send an electrical shock to my spinal cord. By Jan. 20th, I will have generated enough electricity to start a 1943 Oldsmobile.

It does not help to see Obama on the cover of Time, in the image of FDR. The media has gone from elect obama mode to protect obama mode, even before he has taken the oath of office. As Ann Coulter so sarcastically put it, "Indeed, historians have just named Barack Obama the best president elect ever."

What are the chances that we will have any real investigative work and analysis during his presidency? Nil.

It will take the work of AM talk radio, the internet and word-of-mouth to highlight to God-fearing Americans the dangerous agenda of Barack Obama. Subtle things, like judicial appointments, procedural changes to block out pro-life and pro-family efforts, will never see the light of day. We saw, day-to-day, in real-time, the crazy leftist ideas of the Clinton's during his first two years. The democrats and the media have learned their lesson.

We need to do two things:

1. Stay Informed of the Issues
2. Do NOT support the left wing media.

On point 2., there are plenty of alternatives out there, including Investors Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal. The latter has expanded beyond just business coverage, to compete head on with the New York Times. I subscribe to both. They are great pro-American papers.

One proof point for the left wing coverage of the election and now the run-up to the inauguration is the fact that we never found out, through a year and a half of election coverage, that Barack Obama smoked. At least Time got that piece right.

Submitted by D. B. Jackson

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