Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Had Enough?

When people ask me what my problem with the Democrats is, I usually net it out to the following…

They don’t understand economics.
They don’t have a clue about defense or international relations
They don’t understand human nature
They are hostile to religion and the first amendment
They don’t recognize the second amendment
And because they have no serious scrutiny from the media, they tend to be much more corrupt.
(and that is REALLY netting it out, I could go on much longer)

To prove my last point, I would pit the last few weeks of the ‘president-elect’ period against any in history for corruption, incompetence and circus. Had enough? We still have a couple weeks to go…and then four years of the media swooning over the soon-to-be accomplishments of the country’s greatest future president. When the scandals are filling the front page of the left wing media, you know you have a serious ‘tip of the iceberg’ situation in the party. It stands to reason.

To name a few:
Democratic IL governor tries to sell and profit from the vacant Obama senate seat.
Amidst indictment, impeachment and scandal, he cynically appoints a black statesman from IL to occupy the seat
MN Canvassing board steals an election from the ‘election night’ winner Norm Coleman and hands it to an SNL comic
Bill Richardson, ex Gov. of NM pulls his name out of the nomination process for Commerce Secretary amidst some quid pro quo scandal investigation in NM. For this media favorite to withdraw without a fight, the situation must be BAD.

Had enough? We have a long way to go.

Submitted by D. B. Jackson

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