Sunday, May 10, 2009


As I was turning off the television last weekend, having just watched the Boston Celtics defeat the Chicago Bulls, I heard that Jack Kemp had died. I was surprised by the news, I had not heard about his cancer. But I was mostly surprised because I had always remembered Jack Kemp as a picture of health and a source of energy. His energy helped to invigorate the Republican Party in the 1980's and 90's.

I wondered how this football player - and a very good football player - had come to believe what he did. He was one of the few that, just prior to Reagan emerging as the leader of the conservative movement, that went against the forces of liberalism and enthusiastically supported an agenda of low taxes and growth. (And we know, in the time of Pelosi and Obama, how hard it is to go against the tide). He could have easily jumped on the bandwagon and won a house seat as a Democrat in the strongly Democratic New York district where he won and served as a conservative Republican.

My question for Mr. Kemp..."how did you know?" He knew what conservatives take for granted today. How did he arrive at his beliefs? Did he read the great authors; Ayn Rand, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman? Did he listen to the speeches of Goldwater and Reagan? Did he study economics or the policies of the great depression? I didn't learn the answer during the brief bio's on the networks this week.

I did learn that he was an important person in the modern conservative movement, perhaps second only to Reagan. He believed that low taxes, entrepreneurship and smaller government were the keys to prosperity. He was a capitalist. He was pro-life. He was a man of integrity. Jack Kemp was cool.

His words from 1993, as Clinton was trying to do what Obama 'is' doing today, are more relevant than ever.

April 27, 1993
All Republicans, indeed all Americans, should commend Sen. Bob Dole and Senate Republicans for blocking President Clinton's so-called stimulus package, a pork-barrel spending plan that deserved defeat regardless of the economy's health or the size of the deficit.

Republicans now have an opportunity to defeat the Clinton tax increases and to go to the American people with a superior agenda for real jobs, real economic growth and renewed American leadership in the global economy.

The first order of business must be debunking the Democrats' notion that higher taxes will lead to a more prosperous America.

These words should be shouted from the tallest housetop, even as Pelosi, Reid and Obama take the country one hundred and eighty degrees in the other direction.

Peggy Noonan identified the source of his strength. His happiness. Leave it to Peggy to nail it !! The link is below.

Jack Kemp - Rest in Peace !!

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