Monday, October 8, 2007

Marco Martinez - 5 Things I Saw That Make Me Support The War

Good column from a Marine Hero.

A 'real' soldier and what he saw and how he feels.

Someone call CBS !!!

The 5 Things I Saw That Make Me Support The War

1. Mass Graves

"Saddam’s henchmen would tie two people together, some with babies in their arms, stand them at the crater’s edge, and then shoot one of the people in the head, relying on the weight of the dead body to drag them both into the hole."

2. Tongue-less Man

"Through the translator we learned that the tongue-less man had spoken against the regime and that Saddam’s henchmen had severed his tongue."

3. Adrenaline-fueled Fedayeen Saddaam

"That’s when we realized that our zombie-like attackers were zealots who came to fight and die."

4. Human experiment Pictures

"We discovered them inside a strange laboratory we found inside a Special Republican Guard barracks that had been plunked down inside an amusement park."

5. Bomb Making Materials in a Mosque

"As we made our way through the mosque compound, we were told there were certain "praying houses" we weren’t allowed to enter. But when a Marine walked through a side hallway and passed by a door that had been left ajar, he spotted a huge bottle of nitroglycerin and assorted bomb-making materials."

Submitted by D.B. Jackson

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