Friday, October 12, 2007

The Week That Was (10/8 - 10/12)

It's Friday...a perfect time to look back at the "week that was".

In New York State, it's not only acceptable to be an illegal alien in can get yourself an official NY State driver's license! (Is this Governor Spitzer's attempt to undercut the black market fees for illegal licenses? Maybe it's his attempt to pay for all of those new socialist programs he's promoting!) Kudos to the County Clerks who both voted against this policy and proclaimed that they would not follow it. Even more disturbing: there are already ten (10) states that allow "undocumented" (er, "illegal"?) immigrants to obtain a valid state driver's license. Can you name them?

Ann C undercuts Mr. Law & Order. Calm down, Ann. Don't be like a Democrat and use the power of the press to taint the election process. The voters will make the right call here when (or is it "if"?) The Tennessean comes through with details on his policies. Give him a chance to tell the public what he represents in 2007 before you rip him to shreds.

Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar in 2007, based on a theory that man is causing global warming. This just in folks... the Earth has gone through many cycles of warming and cooling without humankind's influence. Is it possible that the human species is contributing to global warming? Yes, it's possible, based on what some scientists are saying. Is it also possible that we're seeing another "natural cycle" of warming? Again, yes, based on what some other scientists are saying. What I say is...let's not hit the panic button just yet. Let's be aware, let's make some adjustments to the way we live...but let's not tell everyone that the end is near unless we all adopt solar and wind power today. Anyone remember the Global Cooling scare from the 70s?

The Ten States are... Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

And finally...
Billionaire Paul Allen has funded a telescope that has been specifically designed to "sweep the skies" to find alien life. Paul, we could have saved you millions - all you have to do is look at this year's list of Nobel Peace Prize winners. If you find any others, make sure you send them to New York or any of the other ten states to obtain their driver's license!

-- Submitted by R. Wellesley

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