Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Case for Giuliani

Pat Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani on Wednesday came as a surprise to many. Although Robertson does not have the clout that he once had with evangelicals, his endorsement of a candidate, whose main shortcoming appears to be his credentials as a social conservative, is very curious. Certainly, Brownback and Huckabee would make a better choice for an evangelical preacher.

Robertson's selection of Giuliani makes sense in several ways. First, Robertson is being pragmatic. Giuliani has a much better chance of getting the nomination and beating the democratic nominee than any of the also-ran social conservatives. Second, Giuliani, despite his socially leftward leanings, has promised constructionist judges of the Alito, Thomas and Roberts ilk. Third, Robertson would have some influence with the man 'who would be king' if he participates in his victory.

On the issue of judges, which is really what it is all about, conservatives must be realistic. It is futile to speculate about a pro-life president establishing anti-abortion laws in fifty states. It is not going to happen. The biggest influence that the president can have over social issues such as abortion and gay marriage is through the courts. This does not mean appointing judges who are going to ban gay marriage and abortion - this isn't happening either - but by appointing judges who allow the electoral process to work. By allowing the states to vote on parental notification and partial-birth abortion, it returns the discussion to where it belongs.

In addition, Giuliani is not afraid of the heat. If he wants to put Ted Olsen (his good friend, political advisor and best conservative lawyer in America) on the bench, he will do it and make it stick. In fact, it would be hard to accuse Giuliani of selecting 'extremists,' given his own moderate positions.

Of course, it is not all candy and roses. The President is the leader of America and his opinions have influence. If the president for four or eight years has a staunch pro-choice position, it will impact the future of the pro-life movement and the Republican party. But of course, how much more damage would Hillary Clinton do with three or four more Ruth Bader Ginsbergs on the bench?

I can live with Giuliani and be happy, if he fulfills his promises on the supreme court nominees. He brings much to the table in terms of leadership and national security. He is an upbeat guy with the thickest skin of any politician that I have observed...try being a tough-on-crime, fiscally-conservative Republican in NYC.

Now, if we can just keep him out of a dress for eight years :-)

Submitted by D.B. Jackson

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