Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dennis Kucinich: A True Democrat

Dateline: Wednesday, November 7, 2007

- Emergency rule in Pakistan, one of the few countries supporting US causes in Afghanistan
- Budget proposals have not yet been passed by either House (we're already in the "emergency extension" period)
- China's decision to take investment out of the US Dollar (USD) is contributing to the NYSE falling 112 points in the first hour of trading today
- The Euro was trading above 1.47 USD per Euro, a new low for the USD
- Oil is now selling at $98 per barrel

So, what was our Congress doing yesterday (Tuesday, November 6, 2007)?
Voting on whether to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney.

Thank you, Dennis Kucinich. I'm relieved to know that you managed to direct the US House of Representatives' attention away from these other minor issues for a few hours. After all, it's much more important to spend everyone's time on your personal vendetta against VP Cheney, rather than worrying about silly things like the value of the USD, price of oil, and political instability in the area of the world where Bin-Laden resides.

-- Submitted by R. Wellesley

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