Thursday, January 3, 2008

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

The Grand Old Patriots have been pointing out for months now that we don't see any viable Presidential candidates in the Democratic Party, not because we don't think that they're good people (some are, reportedly), but because we don't think that they're good people to be running the most powerful country in the world.

It's nice to see that we're not alone.

From Senator Joe Lieberman, (Ind/Dem - CT, 12/18/07):
''I think (McCain)'s got this extra dimension and proven record of working across party lines to get things done. We're not gonna solve our problems -- healthcare, education, environment, the economy -- unless we start working with one another.'

''You're not even going to have a chance to try to solve domestic problems unless the American people have confidence that you will protect them in a dangerous world. And I worry that the Democratic candidates in the primary have been drawn so far left that in the general election it's going to be hard to convince a lot of people in the middle that they're able to support a strong defense.''

From Massachusetts (Boston Herald, 12/21/07):
"And so this newspaper too will break with its decades-old tradition of endorsing candidates in both the Republican and Democratic primaries. In doing so we also address our words particularly to those millions of independent voters here, in New Hampshire and around the nation who can choose to cast their ballot in either party primary.

The choice this year is indeed clear. John McCain should be the next President of the United States and the Boston Herald is proud to endorse his candidacy."

From the Granite State (New Hampshire Union Leader, 12/31/07):
"IT IS OUR HOPE every four years to recommend a candidate in both the Republican and Democratic primaries. This year, we have opted to endorse only one: Sen. John McCain.
In this race, our most important consideration is electing the candidate most likely to bring American victory in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the greater war on Islamic extremists in general, and keep America's enemies and rivals in check. John McCain is that man. None of the Democrats approaches McCain's experience and vision on that subject."

It's a shame that the Donkey Party is only able to wheel out asses (er, donkeys) for candidates in 2008.

-- Submitted by R Wellesley

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skice said...

The independent – undecided voters in New Hampshire account for 45 percent,
are majority, and are being asked by the democratic party of 30 percent and the
republican party of 20 percent to vote for, either Democratic or Republican party.
A person would think that it would be the other way around i. e. the Independent
party should have been asking that the Republicans or Democrats vote for an
Independent candidate.
It would only than be a really - true change. A change to the future, a change for the
“WILL OF THE PEOPLE” to decide their destiny, their Liberty, their Freedom,
to live, work end express “THEIR WILL” on ALL MAJOR ISSUES. The candidates of both
party have been talking about change for decades, for change in a bigger and
deeper whole, hopes of empty promises – brain washing, that tomorrow will be
better for “tomorrow never comes”!
The two party and the media manage to keep out other candidates from participating
in the debate as they did in the last election. The media even went to the ex stand
of a personal insult, that one candidate is “more like-able than the other” as that had
anything to do of the ability to run the country!
Who am I? I am no one! I am you! I am America! I look and search for change!
The change to express ”MY WILL on ALL MAJOR ISSUES”, It will be a TRUE
change! My vote is not for “sale”, “grab”, and never will be! It is better to suffer, rather
than to relinquish my “HOPES” to express “MY WILL ON ALL MAJOR ISSUES!