Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flip Flopping toward Romney

Last week, Hillary looked stoppable. Obama was surging. And Bill Clinton was playing the part he plays so well; a man whose actions and demeanor are beneath that of a president - or ex-president (according to Tom Daschle). There is still turmoil among the Democrats - both Obama and Hillary are stepping all over themselves to outdue each other in redistributing more wealth from those in high-income brackets to those who vote for Hillary and Obama. We'll have to wait this one out.

In the meantime, the Republican turmoil, albeit more civil, has caused me to rethink my first choice and second choice for president. It is not that the candidates are not good. They all have their strengths and experience and all are 'head and shoulders' above the populist ranters on the Democrat ballot. Vote for Race (Obama). Vote for Gender (Hillary). Vote for Class Warfare (Edwards). Vote for good ideas and experience (well, you need to go to the Republican ballot for that).

As of yesterday, I ordered a few dozen Romney Bumper stickers for my truck, my car and for my friends. While Romney faces the real challenge of a general election, especially through the contiguous-red-state coalition in Dixie, his fresh face, his energy, his ideas... coupled with his experience make him the best option for a conservative ticket this year. In fact, they make him a pretty darn good candidate. He is a supply-sider with a moderate to conservative social perspective (and will govern as a conservative). He intends to continue to prosecute the war on terror - as opposed to run from it. And, by all indications, he is a patriotic and moral family man.

He'll have to solve the electibility issue, maybe through his choice for Veep...but in the meantime, I am planning to head to the Fire House down the road on Super Tuesday to help make Mitt the candidate.

As someone told me yesterday..."Mitt, he fits like a glove."

(and, as always, I will support any of these guys from Rudy to Paul, against their "tax and spend" "soft on terror" "soft on crime" "socialist" "citizenize the illegals" challengers)

Submitted by D.B. Jackson.

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