Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Democrats' New Favorite Republican

At one time, John McCain was the Democrats’ favorite Republican. He often differed with the Bush Administration which made him the darling of the Democrat Party and the liberal press. McCain’s nomination changed that. McCain has now become public enemy number one to them, a toady of George W. Bush and heir apparent to his third term.

Never fear though, someone will always arise to fill that inglorious spot and, this time, it is Scott McClellan. The former White House spokesman appeared Friday before the House Judiciary Committee to testify against his former employers.
McClellan’s testimony basically added nothing that was not mentioned in his recent book…which, incidentally, added little of substance to the discussion except McClellan’s opinions and suspicions. However, for a Democrat Party desperate for any information to hang upon the Bush Administration, that passes for prima facie evidence. Hence, the McClellan subpoena.

I have no idea if McClellan’s assertions about the President and Vice President’s respective characters are accurate or not. Time is the great revealer of all truths and history will ultimately make that assessment. McClellan’s character, however, is much easier to discern. That he would suddenly turn upon his former employer and write a tell-all book, guaranteed to generate massive sales, during a heated election year tells me all I need to know. That he would repeat his allegations in a hostile forum chaired by those attempting to consolidate their own power at the expense of the party that McClellan had once sworn loyalty to, tells me even more.

One hallmark of character is loyalty. If McClellan truly felt that he had a story to tell about the Bush Administration and conscience dictated that he should tell it, he should have waited the few months until President Bush vacated the office before having his book published. That would have demonstrated true character.
It would not, however, have promoted large book sales, which seems to have been the primary objective.

Scott McClellan had better enjoy his day in the Democrat sun because one day, when his usefulness to them is finished, they will consign him to the scrap heap.

Submitted by B. Bryant

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