Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Kind of Gone?

Hillary is GONE. Barring a long shot selection (over Michelle's dead body) as BHO's running mate, Hillary will be sidelined for a few weeks. Expect two things, a lukewarm supporter of B.H.O. AND a prime time, 'bring down the house of kooks' speech at the Dem convention. Both are intended by her to position Mrs. Bill Clinton for her ultimate goal and another run at it in 2012.

Be that as it may, there are many people happy to be rid of her, and a few even happier than me. Let's see...Dick Morris, Gennifer Flowers, Billy Dale, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey. The #1 person, happy to be rid of Hillary Clinton is, posthumously, Barbara Olson.

Mrs. Olson was killed on the hijacked plane flown into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. She was the wife of the former solicitor general Ted Olson. (Ted Olson also won for Bush/Cheney, the 2000 Florida Recount Case at the Supreme Court).

Barbara Olson wrote two books on the Clintons. "Hell to Pay" about Hillary Clinton and "The Final Days" about the abuse of power exhibited in the last days of the Clinton administration. The book was released after Mrs. Olson's death. It chronicles the unbelievable abuses of power and the destructive laws enacted during Bill Clinton's last months of power.

For anyone who isn't happy that Mrs. Bill Clinton was upset by B.H.O., please read this book. You may kiss Mr. Obama's feet.

In her words (from The Final Days: The Last Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House):

"My Research found Hillary involved in one form or another in virtually every White House scandal - even if just masterminding the defense and counterattacks as in the Lewinsky affair. In fact, Hillary was the consistent, stable and reliable guiding organizational hand for the entire Clinton presidency"


"Many of those who studied her career, as I did, concluded that that was precisely where her ambition was planning to take her as early as the 1992 presidential campaign. The only questions were how she would use her husband's presidency to realize that goal, and how he would help her get there"


"When Hillary was running for the Senate, she went to great lengths to portray herself as an active, involved partner in her husband's presidency. She claimed eight years worth of experience on the issues and ran her Senate race on the accomplishments of the Clinton administration, regaling reporters with the thorough detailed discussions she had with 'her husband.' But now, in matters of huge importance involving her husband and her brother, she claimed to know absolutely nothing at all. The first-rate scholar, veteran lawyer, graduate of Yale Law School, and eight year resident of the White House, with her own office in the West Wing, had only lately even learned about the president's constitutional power to pardon"


Mrs. Clinton has grown more appealing through this election cycle. Her hard edges were coached away and the contrast with the inexperienced and left-wing Obama gave her some inroads to many folks who wrote her off years ago as a "left-wing hate America" type. She is still the same Mrs. Clinton that defended the black panthers and hobnobbed with commies most of her life. The same one that masterminded the character assassinations of all of Bill's enemies. The same "I'm no Tammy Wynette" country girl that, to quote Ann Coulter, "foisted that horny hick on America on "60 Minutes' in 1992.

I hope she is gone. Like all scary movies, we expect a resurrection or two of the bad guy. Chris Cagle has a new country hit called 'What Kinda Gone." Like me, he ponders the different kinds of gone.

What Kinda Gone
Chris Cagle

"There's gone for good and there's good and gone
and there's gone with the long before it

I wish she'd been just a little more clear

well there's gone for the day and gone for the night
and gone for the rest of your dog gone life

is it whiskey night or just a couple beers

I mean what kind of gone are we talkin bout

What kinda gone are we talkin' 'bout
What kinda gone are we talkin' 'bout here"

Submitted by D. B. Jackson

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