Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hill's Out! Now What's Her Game?

Hillary Clinton put her campaign on hold today and endorsed Barack Obama for President. So ended the candidacy of the "inevitable nominee."

She thanked her supporters and forced us to endure several minutes of a monologue where she spoke as if her life's mission was to help those left behind by the current President. I doubt even her strongest supporters truly believed that. Political ambition and power are what motivate the Clintons. That attribute in them is exceeded only by their narcissisim.

When she got around to speaking nicely of Obama and endorsing him, it looked like she was chewing on green persimmons. Do not be fooled by the nice words; there is still bad blood between these two, their families, and their camps. It was a bruising campaign and neither camp is ready to forgive and forget.

This leaves the question open as to what the Clintons' [the plural was on purpose] intentions are now. There is little doubt that Hillary would like to be on the ticket as Obama's VP. There is also no doubt that Obama does not want her but can he hold her off? It is a testimony to the weakness of Obama that we wonder if Hillary can force herself onto the ticket.

Many Democrats see the combo ticket as the "dream team." I'm sure Obama sees it as a dream also...a nightmare. If elected, he could never trust her and Bill and, be sure, Bill comes with the package. They would be continually scheming behind his back rather than being the team players that the VP role requires. It is hard to see such a ticket coming together after such a difficult fight.

Much has been made of how Ronald Reagan took George H. W. Bush as his running mate after a tough campaign but it was not nearly as nasty as the Clinton-Obama slugfest. The Clinton team felt it was "their turn" and they have great anger at the Obama camp and the major media who were in the tank for him. It is hard to see this couple kissing and making up for the good of the Democrat party.

If Hillary does not get on the ticket, and I think that will be the case, what then will she do? It is hard to see her and Bill swallowing their pride and going on the stump for Obama. My guess is they will do the absolute minimum of support for Obama, continue to promote themselves, and hope for an Obama loss so she can run in 2012.

Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush came together in 1980 because they truly believed that the most important thing was for the Republicans to win. For the Clintons, the most important thing is that they win with party loyalty and what's best for the country coming in last.

--Submitted by B. Bryant

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