Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally, America! We Have Made Her Proud !! (LINK)

I spent a little time today IM'g with B. Bryant on her choice of words. In the interest of accuracy, let's take Mrs. O. at her word. This is the first time in her adult life that she has been proud of America. Really, proud.

(She didn't say, this is the first thing that has happened in my adult life to make me proud).

But let's be conservative and assume that she is referring only to the American history of her Adult life...circa 1980 and beyond, and that period, apparently, has been nothing but a testimony to evil, greed and despair - according to Mrs Obama.

We defeated the Soviet Union without a shot being fired. Many were proud when the Berlin wall came down. (Michelle Obama: "Ho hum, yawn")

We liberated Kuwait from the Iraqis (Michelle Obama: "yawn, sigh")

Not a bit of pride in the way the country came together after 9/11???

George Bush just returned from Africa (his third trip) with a reaffirmation of the commitment of the U.S. to fight aids and poverty in Africa and the third world. Nothing??

We live in a country where our poor are the envy of the world. Unemployment is at 5% (half of other industrialize nations). We lead the world in charitable donations. We lead the world in racial equality. We are a free nation where we can vote, speak our minds and are free to choose our own occupations.

But, nothing could make Michelle Obama proud until her husband won some primaries and some college girls fainted at a rally. There is something very wrong with liberals.

To the liberals, recent American history includes, the Kennedy and MLK Jr. assassinations, some civil rights riots and George Bush hoodwinking the country into believing in WMD. Not much else !!

From the Fox News Link Above:

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol said the comment “was sort of revealing.”

“She was an adult when we won the Cold War without firing a shot. She was an adult for the last 25 years of economic progress, social progress,” he told FOX News. “I think the Democrats have to be careful … they’re running against the status quo … You have to be careful not to let that slide into a kind of indictment of America. Because I don’t think the American people think on the whole that the last 25 years of American history is a narrative of despair and nothing to be proud of.”

We may well have a first lady worst than Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings !!

Submitted by D. B. Jackson

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