Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mrs. Thatcher was a Friend of Mine

...and you, madam, are no Margaret Thatcher !!

As weird as things are...

A Beagle won best-in-show. Hillary Clinton is dressing in Thatcher blue. Obama trashed Clinton in the Potomac primaries. Gary Coleman secretly married a 22 year old. All of this in the last twenty four hours.

...the weirdest news I have seen has to be that some members of the Senate (all Democrats) voted to not give immunity to companies cooperating with the United States Government. Let me say it a different way...providing documents requested by the U. S. Government could open you up to endless lawsuits that may lead to huge payouts, jail time and bankruptcy.

The implications of this has to be lost on the average American. It is not lost on the average senate Democrat.

The message: Cooperate with the U.S. Government (read: Bush Administration), expose yourself to endless lawsuits. Imagine a time when the U.S. Government does not get cooperation from corporations and citizens to fight terrorism or anything else. The Democrats have their dream in their reaches...anarchy. The end of the great American Experiment.

The citizens may not understand the implications, but the Senators certainly do. Voting in favor of giving them immunity: Presidential Candidate John McCain.

Voting against giving them immunity; Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

Mrs. Clinton didn't vote.

Elections matter....go John McCain !!!

Submitted by D. B. Jackson

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