Thursday, February 7, 2008

McCain's Big Test: CPAC

Today's the first (and potentially biggest) day in "The Rest of McCain's Campaign"... the speech he delivers at CPAC today could help soothe some (emphasis on some) of the conservatives who are not supportive of his candidacy. If McCain sticks to his guns, the alienation will be complete, and we'll see many conservatives simply sit out the election. Might as well start getting the guest rooms ready for Soros,, and other extremists.

However, and here's where I'm hoping that McCain acts presidential... if McCain reaches out, clarifies his true intentions for the next four years, and - let me be clear here - panders to the conservatives a little, he'll quell some of the anti-McCain tactics and possibly (hopefully) pave the way to the White House in 2009.

A couple other suggestions for Senator McCain:
1. Reach out to your friend, Fred Thompson, for his assistance with the conservatives;
2. Don't go negative on W; and
3. Talk to your economic advisors now. Talk about your economic policies now. In case you've missed it, the economy has moved to the front of the line for the American public. I don't want to hear "It's the economy, stupid" ever again in a Presidential election.

-- Submitted (with fingers crossed) by R Wellesley

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