Friday, February 8, 2008

On To Victory

The mainstream media have apparently held a coronation for Senator John McCain, telling us that he's wrapped up the nomination (albeit 400+ delegates short of officially wrapping up the nomination). Let's play along, congratulate Senator McCain, and start rallying the troops to what our mission really is all about: Keep a Republican in the White House.

I personally don't subscribe to the theory that we should let either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton win the White House in 2008. "Let them flounder for four years, and then the Republicans will take over both houses and the White House in 2012."

First, let's get this straight, using some math. 4 years is approximately 5% of my life expectancy. I wouldn't accept an additional 5% tax on my wages or purchases, why would I want an additional 5% Idiot Tax placed on my life? (And if I want to use chaos theory, I'm pretty sure that 4 years of Democrat rule will shorten my life by more than 4 years, so the effect is compounded, much like the Democratic spending policy on National Debt.)

Second, a Congress and White House controlled by the Democrats means: higher taxes; liberal Supreme Court Justices (anywhere from 2-4, based on ages/health of judges); amnesty for illegal immigrants (along with open borders for more to join the Welfare State); and more and more entitlement programs (including health care - universal or mandated with federal support).

Third, obliteration of the USA's international standing of economic and social leadership, partially through the weakening of the military.

There's a lot of damage that can be inflicted within 4 years. All we need to do is look to the unfortunate citizens of Tennessee to see how quickly damage can be inflicted, and how much longer it takes to clean up after a catastrophe. 4 years of Democrat-controlled Washington is 4 years too many, regardless of what may happen in 2012.

Let's not cut off our nose to spite our face. The results will be ugly if we do.

-- Submitted by R Wellesley

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