Monday, February 4, 2008

Is Rush a Democrat?

Before I'm vilified for heresy, tarred and feathered for lunacy, and burnt at the stake for witchcraft, let me say: No, Rush is not a Democrat. However, he and his conservative compatriots have done the unthinkable - they're acting like Democrats. (OK, let the tomatoes fly. I can take it.)

We all know that the Republicans have been unable to motivate a true, unifying, universally accepted candidate to seek office in the 2008 Presidential elections. Super Tuesday is upon us, the electorate is fractured, and not many people are enthusiastically supportive of either the front-runner (McCain) or alternatives (Romney, Huckabee, or Paul). Each candidate has their warts, that's a fact. But when Rush and the Dittos (the press dittos included) continue to lambaste McCain and Huckabee over the air, in print, and/or in the blogosphere, don't they understand that they're actually playing into Liberal hands? It's typically the Democrats that eat their own during the primaries, and the Republicans are thankful that they can walk through the remnants of whatever paper-thin candidate has been elevated to contender status.

Civility has been abandoned. Threats of sitting out the election hang stale in the air.
This is America, ladies and gentlemen. Vote your conscience, and stress the positives of your candidate. If the majority of votes in the Republican primary go towards a candidate you don't like, rally behind the candidate that America chooses and vote. (Although, if you prefer Obama or Clinton, feel free to stay at home while the rest of America votes. I'm ok with that. Really.)

I'm the first to admit that I'm not "wow"ed by any candidate out there, but I'd rather not resort to acting like a Democrat and tear down any candidate that provides a better option than the alternative!

It's Super Tuesday. Vote American. Vote Right.

-- Submitted by R Wellesley

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